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##What is ImageMontage ImageMontage creates montages of images without the need to load them into a stack first. The source images can be located in one or multiple directories. The images can also have different sizes. To fit images into a montage, the macro scales them vertically to the same user-specified size. Images are added horizontally until they no longer fit on the row and then a new row is started. This process is repeated until all source images are rendered. If you see that the generated montage does not include all source images, change the options to reduce the size of images and/or increase canvas dimensions, and run the macro again.

##Installation Download Image_Montage.txt to the plugins/Macros folder, restart ImageJ or click Help>Update Menus and there will be a new Image Montage command in the Plugins/Macros menu.

##History 2012/01/05: First version.
2013/07/13: Can create montages organized hierarchically by one, two or three categories; customize background color, text color and text size; error checking feature to prevent job from stopping if image is not found.

##Authors Lev Manovich (manovich.lev at
Matias Giachino (matias.giachino at
Jay Chow(jaychow0702 at


ImageMontage v2



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