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Drupal module suite for building an event site based on events gathered in an external API "outdatabase" (UiTdatabank), but with the extra tools you can do a lot more. For this version you can only use it having a key and secret from the UiTdatabank or use the demo key from this page.

Live demo (connecting production API)

Live demo (connecting acceptance API)


For installation, most simply you can use our build script and Drupal installation profile Culturefeed kickstart (additional repo). Our you can do a manual installation.


We created 3 tutorials to integrate the most common use cases:

Module overview

Goto the list of all modules

Bootstrap theme

Culturefeed Bootstrap (additional repo) is a responsive, mobile first subtheme of the Bootstrap Framework.


You found a mistake, or you have something to add? Open a new issue in our issue tracker at GitHub. We are happy to discuss!

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