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Module overview

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The Culturefeed module is the core of the module suite and is required by most of the other modules.

  • Culturefeed Agenda The Culturefeed Agenda module provides a Culturefeed search page.
  • Culturefeed Entry UI The Culturefeed Entry UI module provides forms to enter and edit Culturefeed events from within your Drupal installation.
  • Culturefeed Search The Culturefeed Search module provides the base framework to enable searches on your site.
  • Culturefeed Search UI The Culturefeed Search UI module provides the basic elements needed to build up an event search (such as provided by Culturefeed Agenda).
  • Culturefeed Search Views
  • Culturefeed Social
  • Culturefeed UI The Culturefeed User Interface module provides a collection of pages and blocks to enhance the user pages with culturefeed information.
  • Culturefeed UiTPAS The Culturefeed UiTPAS module provides an integration with the UiTPAS card system.
  • Culturefeed Pages The Culturefeed Pages module provides elements to create and promote a page for your organisation, museum, family, building or other locations.

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