RDF store on a cloud-based architecture (previously on https://code.google.com/p/cumulusrdf)
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CumulusRDF (see Wikipedia[1] for details on "Cumulus") is an RDF store on a cloud-based architecture. CumulusRDF provides a REST-based API with CRUD operations to manage RDF data. The current version uses Apache Cassandra as storage backend.

To use CumulusRDF for your project, see the GettingStarted wiki page!


  • By means of Apache Cassandra [2] CumulusRDF offers a highly scalable RDF store for write-intensive applications
  • CumulusRDF acts as a Linked Data server
  • It allows for fast and lightweight evaluation of triple pattern queries
  • It has full support for triple and quad storage
  • CumulusRDF comprises a SesameSail [3] implementation, see CodeExamples wiki page.
  • Further, CumulusRDF contains a SPARQL1.1 endpoint.

Please see our Features as well as our Roadmap wiki page for further information.

Quick start using docker

If you have docker you can get up and running quickly by using the following commands.

$ git clone git@github.com:cumulusrdf/cumulusrdf.git
$ docker build -t cumulusrdf .
$ docker run -d --name cumulusrdf -p 9090:9090 cumulusrdf

CumulusRDF is now available on http://localhost:9090/cumulus

Want to contribute?

We welcome any kind of contribution to cumulusRDF. In particular, we have a developer mailing list. Feel free to sign up via the web interface or by emailing at cumulusrdf-dev-list+subscribe@googlegroups.com.


You can sign up to the CumulusRDF mailing list via the web interface or by emailing at cumulusrdf-list+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

People Involved

CumulusRDF is developed by the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Desciption Methods (AIFB) as well as by developers from our community. The developers are (in random order)

Active Contributors

Previous Contributors

  • Günter Ladwig
  • Steffen Stadtmüller
  • Felix Obenauer


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CumulusRDF was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the iZEUS project.
The CumulusRDF logo was kindly provided by Daniele Liberti.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumulus
[2] http://cassandra.apache.org
[3] http://openrdf.org