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TYPO3 extension to ease handling of meta tags
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meta-tag Build Status

TYPO3 extension allowing to write your meta-tags in Fluid. Syntax is a close as possible to the HTML <meta> tag. Uses a singleton that behaves in the same way as the upcoming metatag API in TYPO3 v9. Ships with one level of override.


Via composer

composer require undkonsorten/meta-tags

or from Github


No configuration is needed, there‘s no TypoScript to include.


To use the view helper in your Fluid templates you have to import the namespace, e.g.:

<html xmlns:f=""


{namespace m=Undkonsorten\MetaTag\ViewHelpers}

Then you can use the meta view helper in any of the following forms:

<!--Tag style-->
<m:meta http-equiv="content-type" content="{settings.contentType}" />
<!--Inline style-->
<!--You can omit content attribute and use tag content instead-->
<m:meta property="og:image"><f:uri.image image="{image}" width="800" height="600" absolute="1" /></m:meta>
<!--The same works for inline syntax-->
{author.fullName -> m:meta(name:'author')}

If the content is empty (i.e. only white-space characters) no meta tag is added. There‘s no need to wrap each of your meta tags in an if construct just to get rid of the empty ones.


If for a requested meta tag there‘s a collision with an existing meta tag (same property / name / http-equiv value) then the existing one will be kept and the new one will be discarded. To change this behavior you can set override="1". Then any existing meta tag of the same type will be overridden.

That means you have a two-level hierarchy that works regardless of processing order at run time. Just define your "global" meta tag with values e.g. from pages record without override but set that flag for your more specific ones, e.g. coming from extension show actions.

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