Commons In A Box - A suite of community and collaboration tools for WordPress, designed especially for academic communities
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Commons In A Box

About The Project

Commons In A Box is a suite of WordPress and BuddyPress plugins and themes for community communication and collaboration, put into a single package that is easy to install, customize, and maintain.

This software is a project by the CUNY Academic Commons of the City University of New York and sponsored by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. For more information on the project's origins and goals, read the announcement post.


Have questions about Commons In A Box? Visit, where you'll find robust documentation, as well as a community of Commons In A Box users and developers.

Think you've found a bug? You may consider posting your issue first in the support forum. If you're comfortable using Github, you can also post issues directly to our issue tracker.


Developers who are interested in contributing to Commons In A Box can send pull requests to this repo. Note that the master branch mirrors the last stable release. The current maintenance branch is 1.0.x; please submit requests against this branch.

The Commons In A Box theme (cbox-theme) is separately maintained at The theme is a deriviative of the Infinity theme developed by PressCrew.