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Flycheck linter for sh using checkbashisms

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checkbashisms is part of Debian devscript.

  • On Debian based systems:
sudo apt-get install devscripts
  • On Redhat/Centos:
sudo yum install rpmdevtools
  • On FreeBSD:
sudo pkg install checkbashisms

or you can download manually and add checkbashisms to your PATH.

Install flycheck-checkbashisms

Manual installation

Copy flycheck-checkbashisms file to load-path, then add these lines to init.el:

(require 'flycheck-checkbashisms)
(eval-after-load 'flycheck '(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-checkbashisms-setup))


This package is also available in:

If you use use-package:

(use-package flycheck-checkbashisms
  :ensure t

Customize variables

;; Check 'echo -n' usage
(setq flycheck-checkbashisms-newline t)

;; Check non-POSIX issues but required to be supported  by Debian Policy 10.4
;; Setting this variable to non nil made flycheck-checkbashisms-newline effects
;; regardless of its value
(setq flycheck-checkbashisms-posix t)