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Web API Fetchers Project

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  1. Look through for publicly-accessible APIs that I'd like to experiment with. Write a class like the sample Fetchers::Stock provided that pulls data from them and converts the results into a hash.

  2. If I'm feeling really ambitious, sign up for a Microsoft Bing Maps Key, and write a class that counts the number of severe traffic incidents occurring in and around Baltimore, MD. The Bing traffic API is documented here:

Chosen APIs (Fetchers)

  • Vimeo

    Chosen as it has a public API that does not require registration. Also allows for requesting data in JSON format.

  • Etsy

    Requires registration and an API key. Wanted to try my hand at using an API key at the same time creating something my wife could potentially use.

  • URL Status

    A simple fetcher that attempts to connect to a URL and returns:

    • Code 20x: { available: true }
    • Anything Else: { available: false }
      • This includes handling timeouts
      • Rescuing any exceptions
  • MapQuest Traffic

  • Travis-CI

Addtional Features

  • Support HTTPS
    • Fetcher::Base#fetch should fully support an HTTPS url passed in
    • Ammend Fetcher::Base to provide a 'secure_fetch' which forces HTTPS
  • Support handling timeouts after 30 seconds by default (but leave configurable)
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