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Volta ⚡️

Partial obsolete as of June 2020

Apple introduced macOS 10.15.5 with integrated support for battery health management, making this utility app kind of obsolete for the newer macbooks.

Read more about this here

Battery assistant for prolonging the lifespan of your battery. Runs in the background, has configurable limits and can be enabled to run on startup.



Contributions 🙏

What does it do?

Good question. It gives you notifications about when to plug and unplug your charger.

Cool, but why?

Batteries loose the most capacity if the voltage difference is high, or staying at 100%. Hence, if you you use your laptop most of the time plugged in, it will decrease the capacity of the battery quicker than normal.

To sum up, you should not:

  • Charge you battery regulary over 80-90%
  • Discharge under 30-40%

Reference to the science:

Quickstart 💥

Download. Run.


Remember this is pretty new software wrote in ~2days, so if you encounter bugs or have feature requests please let me know!

Build 🔨

There are prebuilt binaries for macOS here. However you can also complile them yourself.

# Install dependencies
npm i

# Build the app
npm run pack:all