Asynchronous flow control for methods that return promises
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Asynchronous flow control with promises

Promises are great, but sometimes you need a little more control over the flow of asynchronous calls. If you're already using promises, then this utility can make complex chaining really easy.

For example, if you have 3 asynchronous commands, and want to run them in parallel, executing a block of code upon completion, PromiseFlow makes this easy. Assuming you have 3 functions foo, bar, and baz that each return a promise, you can do something like this:

promiseflow.parallel([foo, bar, baz])
    .then(function() {
        window.alert("all done!");

Even if some of your functions don't return promises, you can use the defer helper for that. Assume the baz function from the previous example takes a callback function as an argument, which is called when complete, you can do something like this:

var bazDeferred = promiseflow.defer(function(d) {
    baz(function() { d.resolve(); });

promiseflow.parallel([foo, bar, bazDeferred])
    .then(function() {
        window.alert("all done!");


PromiseFlow depends on jQuery

Supported Methods

  • defer
  • series
  • parallel
  • each (coming soon)
  • times (comming soon)
  • waterfall (coming soon)
  • throttle (coming soon)



Executes functions in series

promiseflow.series(collection, options)

collection: either an array or object


  • context: binds to 'this'
  • results: "all" to return an array of results from each function, or "first" to return only the first value in the response (default: first)

returns: promise


var foo = function() {
    return $.get("/foo");

var bar = function() {
    return $.get("/bar");

// array notation
promiseflow.series([foo, bar])
    .done(function(results) {
        // results is an array with responses from each function
        console.debug("foo response", results[0]);
        console.debug("bar response", results[1]);
// object notation, with 'all' results option
var p = promiseflow.series({
    foo: foo,
    bar: bar
}, { results: "all" });

p.done(function(results) {
    // results is an object with responses from each function
    // each response is an array containing all results from each promise
    console.debug("foo data",[0]);
    console.debug("foo status",[1]);
    console.debug("foo jqXHR",[2]);
    console.debug("bar data",[0]);
    console.debug("bar status",[1]);
    console.debug("bar jqXHR",[2]);



  • context
  • results