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Adapton: Benchmark Results and Presentations

Benchmark Results

  • Sequences: micro benchmarks:

    • Sequence map: Maps a sequence of machine words to a sequence of strings.
    • Sequence fold: Finds the maximum machine word among a sequence of machine words.
    • Sequence filter: Filters a sequence of machine words by a predicate.
    • Sequence reverse: Reverses a sequence of machine words.
  • Micro applications:

Public Talks

Source Code

The following projects constitute the current Adapton ecosystem; each is written in Rust:

  • Adapton: Engine maintaining program dependence information; exposes a core programming API, used by our collections library (IODyn), and eventually, other applications written in Rust.
  • IODyn: Collections library for applications with dynamic input and output.
  • Adapton Lab: Systematic testing and evaluation framework for Adapton benchmarks and micro applications.