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IODyn: Collections for Dynamic Input and Output

IODyn is collections library for programs that use Adapton, a general-purpose framework for incremental computing.

IODyn consists of incremental, Adapton-based collections for sequences, finite maps, sets and graphs.



  • Random Access Zipper (RAZ): Sequence as a zipper, with a cursor for local edits, local navigation, and global navigation (via an associated level tree representation)
  • Level tree: Sequence as a balanced tree; efficient global navigation, e.g., to an offset, to either end (first or last), or based on user-defined navigation data.
  • Stack (last in first out): push, pop

In progress

Finite maps and sets:

See for details


  • Queue (first in first out): push, pop
  • Trie (persistent sets): put, get, remove, union, intersect
  • Directed graph: XXX
  • Undirected graph: XXX