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Skipping Tests

Skipping a Single Test

During development, you may want to temporarily turn off a test. Rather than commenting it out, we recommend using the following syntax to mark the test as skipped.

skip().it("returns -1", () -> {
    // ...

Skipped tests will be reported to remind you to restore the test before committing the code.

You can also skip entire describe or when blocks:

skip().when("it is empty", () -> {
    it("returns -1", () -> {
        // ...

Running a Single Test

If you'd like to run a single test to debug a problem, just use the following syntax.

only().it("returns -1", () -> {
    // ...

Likewise, this can be applied to describe and when blocks.

Writing a Pending Test

If you'd like to remind yourself to come back and write a test later, just omit the lambda expression to define a pending test.

it("returns -1");

Pending tests will be reported to remind you to come back and fill in the implementations.

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