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@hvy hvy released this 18 Jul 08:11

This is the release note of v7.0.0b2. See here for the complete list of solved issues and merged PRs.


  • cupy.cutensor has been introduced that wraps cuTENSOR, allowing high-performance tensor operations. Examples are available here.

Changes without compatibility

  • cupy.load now specifies allow_pickle=False by default to follow the security fix made in NumPy 1.16.3 (see numpy/numpy #13359 and cupy/cupy #2290 for details). Most users should not be affected by this change; users loading ndarray serialized using pickle may need to explicitly specify allow_pickle=True.

New Features


  • Raise error when no available algorithm found by cudnnFindConvolution* (#2234)
  • Add NHWC layout support to batch normalization (#2235)
  • Remove unused code (#2255)
  • Support non-square matrices in lu_factor (#2286, thanks @econtal!)
  • Remove cupy.ndarray.{nansum/nanprod} (#2292)
  • Remove warning about nvcc absence (#2299)

Performance Improvements

  • Add support for merge path algorithm (csrmvEx) when csr_matrix multiply with a dense vector (#2287, thanks @wonghang!)

Bug Fixes

  • Add wrappers for can_cast, common_type and result_type functions (#2249, thanks @pentschev!)
  • Make __cuda_array_interface__()['strides'] be tuple (#2260, thanks @leofang!)
  • Avoid CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAMS (#2261, thanks @himkt!)
  • Support allow_pickle in cupy.load and (#2290)


  • Update installation guide (#2184)
  • Document interoperability with mpi4py (#2270, thanks @leofang!)


  • Make nvcc code generation target configure by env var (#2293)


  • Fix test failure when cuDNN is unavailable (#2284)
  • Enhance tests for type routines (#2306)