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This is the release note of v7.0.0b3. See here for the complete list of solved issues and merged PRs.


cupy.RawModule has been introduced to allow users access low-level features (CUDA modules).

Dropping Support of Python 2

Due to the end-of-life (EOL) of Python 2 in January 2020, Python 2 support has been dropped in this release. CuPy v6.x continues to support Python 2. See the blog post for details.

New Features


  • Support for shape argument in *_like functions (#2171, thanks @pentschev!)
  • Support batched matrix inverse (#2300)
  • Add wrapper for numpy.vectorize in fallback_mode (#2350, thanks @Piyush-555!)
  • Allow cuFFT plans to be used as a context manager; Set stream before executing cuFFT plans (#2362, thanks @leofang!)
  • Raise DeprecationWarning on 0-dim arrays in numpy.nonzero to match NumPy 1.17 behavior (#2394)
  • Change check condition of accept_error (#2396)

Bug Fixes

  • Make exceptions picklable (#2318)
  • Make cupy.tensordot use Tensor Core also in case of compute-capability > 70 (#2328)

Code Fixes

  • Fix unused imports and import orders (#2312)
  • Fix variable names in tri kernel (#2326)
  • Some simplifications using isnan (#2364)
  • Small fix of fusion.pyx and docs (#2393, thanks @xuzijian629!)


  • Add new functions to API reference (#2308)
  • Fix for linalg.svd documentation (#2321, thanks @IvanYashchuk!)
  • Fix markup in linalg.svd docs (#2323)
  • Fix doctest failure related to __array_function__ support (#2352)
  • Add 1.17 to supported NumPy versions (#2368)


  • Make wheel of master for CI (#2144)
  • Add ChainerCV's tests to pfnCI (#2186)
  • Fix tests of linalg.svd (#2338)
  • Check return type in (#2358)
  • Skip some FFT tests on NumPy 1.17.0 due to a NumPy bug (#2363, thanks @grlee77!)
  • Remove random.power test with forbidden value (#2375)
  • Skip some tests in TestArrayElementwiseOp as temporary fix (#2376)
  • Avoid using numpy.nonzero in _make_decorator (#2385)
  • Increase numbers of retries for K-S tests (#2397)


  • Drop support for Python 2.7 and 3.4 (#2343)