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This is the release note of v7.0.0b4. See here for the complete list of solved issues and merged PRs.

New Features


  • Extend CuDNNError to have more debugging information (#2404)
  • Add complex dtype support to cupy.std and cupy.var (#2411, thanks @grlee77!)
  • Support complex dtypes in cupy.linalg.inv() (#2468, thanks @leofang!)

Performance Improvements

  • Use CUB to speed up sum/min/max (#2090)
  • Avoid creating empty numpy ndarray in common_type (#2307)
  • cupy.linalg.norm: update docstring and improve performance for ord=2 cases (#2479, thanks @grlee77!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in coosort (#2410, thanks @econtal!)
  • Fix multithreading issue in cupy.cuda.cufft.get_current_plan() (#2435, thanks @leofang!)
  • Normalize hidden layer strides in cuDNN RNN (#2442)
  • Copy inputs in ufunc if they share the same memory with outputs (#2460)

Code Fixes

  • Fix cuSOLVER devInfo dtype in inv and unify how those are specified (#2454)
  • Fix code convention of statistics routines (#2459)
  • Remove unnecessary ndarray private methods (#2465)


  • Document CUTENSOR_PATH environment variable (#2386)
  • Add appropriate pointer types in Cython to the contribute guide (#2455, thanks @leofang!)
  • Fix invalid escape sequence (#2470)


  • Fix NumPy version in Dockerfile (#2430)


  • Broadcast ValueError for n-clusters > 2 in k-means example (#2453, thanks @casheera!)


  • Simplify cupy.fuse tests (#2339)
  • Revert "Skip some ndarray-elementwise-op tests as temporary fix" (#2383)
  • Drop Python 2 Travis CI configuration (#2428)
  • Drop Python 2 PFN CI configuration (#2429)
  • Change URL to place test assets (#2434)
  • Add NumPy 1.17.1 to skip list of 0-length ifft test (#2441)
  • Remove unnecessary skip in 0-length ifft test (#2443)
  • Fix TestDLTensorMemory.test_delete (#2451)
  • Fix data race in advanced indexing test (#2472)
  • Fix pytest 5.x version errors (#2473)
  • Remove global state from tests (#2475, thanks @leofang!)