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Yard Docs

Object import for Hyrax. See the API documentation for more information.


In your project's Gemfile, add: gem 'darlingtonia', '~> 0.1', then do bundle install.

This software is primarily intended for use in a Hyrax project. However, its dependency on hyrax is kept strictly optional so most of its code can be reused to good effect elsewhere.

To do a basic Hyrax import, first ensure that a work type is registered with your Hyrax application. You need to provide a Parser (out of the box, we support simple CSV import with CsvParser).

file = File.open('path/to/import.csv')
parser = Darlingtonia::CsvParser.new(file: file)

Darlingtonia::Importer.new(parser: parser).import

file.close # unless a block is passed to File.open, the file must be explicitly closed


git clone https://github.com/curationexperts/darlingtonia
cd darlingtonia

bundle install
bundle exec rake ci

RSpec Support

This gem ships with RSpec shared examples and other support tools intended to ease testing and ensure interoperability of client code. These can be included by adding require 'darlingtonia/spec' to a spec_helper.rb or rails_helper.rb file in your application's test suite.