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Curious Canuck

App for Canadian backpackers exploring the world, focusing on safety.

This app will show the government warning index and description, based on a search of country. It will also give basic info about the country needed by the casual traveller. It will also provide a place for travellers to voice their own experiences in the country to encourage or discourage fellow travellers to visit.

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User Stories

MVP goals:

  • A guest should be able to search and view all country information
  • A user should be able to comment on the country's page in a forum for user input
  • A user should be able to see all comments from a searched country

Reach goals:

  • An admin should be able to delete inappropriate comments
  • A user should receive a notification on their profile when a saved country's safety index changes or someone else comments on a country

External API's used

  • tugo: Travel Advisory API
    • Provides extensive information on travel risks. In addition to the current advisory state, the API provides access to updated risk breakdowns on topics including climate, health, law, and cultural.


  • Check out our wireframes here


Curious Canuck is an app for Canadian backpackers exploring the world, with a focus on safety.



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