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Parchment-proxy is a simple Google App Engine server for proxying Interactive Fiction files for web interpreters like Parchment.

You may install your own, or use ours at

It is BSD licenced, but please help the community by sharing any changes you make with us.

How to use


Access the proxy by the /proxy/ URL. / still works, but has a depreciated API.


  • url: required, the URL of the story to access

  • encode: set encode=base64 to base64 encode the story file

  • callback: a callback function for JSONP

    If you're using jQuery and you set the dataType to 'jsonp', it will automatically create the callback function and add this parameter for you. Other libraries may do the same. However, as the parameter jQuery choses for you will be unique, the results won't be cached, and so it's recommended that you manually specify the callback function. See for more information.

    If you use a callback, also set encode=base64.

Parchment-proxy will send the data with a Content-Type header of 'text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1' and an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header of '*' for cross-site AJAX requests. Similarly, it will handle an OPTIONS request if you need to preflight your cross-site requests.

Parchment-proxy uses ETag and If-None-Match headers to manage caching. In most situations you shouldn't need to manually use the headers.

There is a limit of 32MB for requested files, but files over 1MB aren't cached, so please be gentle!