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Project Description (adapted from workshop's Specification Brief & Assignment 1)

Project Title: CL-Workshops 5/17 Spin the Wheels Project 1

Animated GIF of App

Spin Wheels Game

Figure 1. Animated GIF of the app.


The objective of the game is to allow users to put order to a set of letters to spell a word. The game currently has three independent spinning wheels. Each wheel has its own set of letters. Words are formed as all three wheels are spinned using the spin button.

After the first spin, users then have the option to spin each wheel using the Up/Down arrow buttons. These arrow buttons are located above/below each wheel.

An image of the word will be displayed in the picture area when the letter(s) spinned formed a word. An audio file will also play pronouncing the word. The audio file can be replayed by touching on the picture or the letters. If the letters do not form a word, the picture area will show a placeholder graphic informing users that the word has not meaning. No audio will be played. Touching on the placeholder graphic or the letters will result in a sound informing that the word cannot be pronounced.

Getting Started


A JSON file is used to define what letters appear in each wheel. The file also contains lists of words that the wheels can spell. This file is named spin_wheels.json and is located in the './json' directory. This directory also contains the wordListUtil.js which has the functions needed to select the different word lists found in the JSON file.

Image Files

All images of words used in this game is located in the './images' folder. In addition, the './js/WordImages.js' file contains a constant object that provides the location of each image file. Each key name will have the same name as the image filename.

For example, the image filename "pit.jpg" will have a key name of "pit".

Audio Files

The file in './js/WordSounds.js' is really not being used by the app. It is placed here to inform:

  1. The location of actual sound files
  2. That filename of sound file must be the same as that of the image file. Only the file extension is different.

For example, cam.png must have a corresponding cam.wav

Style Files

The styles used in the game is found in the './style/styles.js' file.

Sprite Files

All sprite image files are located in the './sprites' folder. The folder also contains the './sprites/LetterSprite.js' which contains functions for animating the spinning and stopping of the spinning letters.

Data Collection Functions

This app uses 2 of the 6 functions from Curious Learning Data Collection API (CuriousLearningDataAPI.js) to collect usage data so that application usage can be analyzed. The file is located in the './js/' folder.

  1. reportSection function is used to collect data regarding the different levels of the app that a user has completed. This function is called when a user has completed 50% or more of the word list. Each level has its own word list.

  2. reportTouch function is used to collect data on all buttons that are touched by a user. These buttons include:

  • Spin button
  • Up arrows
  • Down arrows
  • Image of word
  • Spinning wheels


This project adopted the agile software methodology where the app was created and modified every 2 weeks from user stories and acceptance criteria.

Weeks 1 & 2:

The goals and objectives of the app were written up and submitted to the Curious Learning team for review. After the review, wireframes of the proposed app were created and submitted for review. See Figure 2 below.

Spin Wheels Game

Figure 2. Image of one of the wireframes created.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Actual coding of the app began. The render() function and styles were first created. Subsequently, Curious Learning's React-Native-AnimatedSpriteMatrix was implemented. A minimum viable product (Figure 3) was then created and used to conduct a User Testing Session.

Spin Wheels Game

Figure 3. Animated GIF of the minimum viable product used in the User Testing Session.

In general, the app worked as intended during the testing session. However, some major changes to the behaviors of the interface were required to engage the child further as the child soon lost interest in the app after some time. The Curious Learning team reviewed the results of the testing session and made further suggestions to improve the app.

Weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8:

Time was now spent to improve the app and implemented new suggestions from the Curious Learning team. In addition, JSON file was also being used to define what letters appear in each spinning wheel.

Weeks 9 & 10:

Effort was now put into cleaning up the codes and ensuring the codes followed good coding standards and practices. The Curious Learning Data Collection API (CuriousLearningDataAPI.js) was implemented to allow app usage data to be collected.

Week 11:

The project's file was updated to provide background information to future developers who are interested in this project.


  1. Boink sound is from:
  2. Many of the images of spelt words are from
  3. The Curious Learning Team that has provided wonderful guidance, suggestions, and assistance.