Badger Rails

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After running badger create and pushing up your new project via git, badger deploy can be ran on the command line. This will install the necessary packages on your CentOS server and run a badger cap script to deploy your Rails project. After the first deployment, further commits can be pushed up to the repo on your server, and the badger deploy can be re-run. This will verify the packages are installed, and restart necessary services.

  • < git push badger master >
  • < badger deploy >

Badger Info

After creating a badger project, information about the project can be obtained with badger info.

  • < badger info >

This will provide the following information.

  • Name:
  • External IP:
  • Internal IP:
  • Uptime:
  • Disk Usage:
  • Git Repo:
  • Rails Project:
  • Rails Logs:
  • Mysql Logs:
  • Mysql Info:

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