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(ns clojure-tip-of-the-day.002-cider-enlighten-mode)
;;; Simple function
(defn pythagoras [x y]
(let [x2 (* x x)
y2 (* y y)]
(Math/sqrt (+ x2 y2))))
(pythagoras 3 4)
(pythagoras 6 8)
;;; Function calling another function
(def threshold 120)
(defn small-bug [n]
(range 1 (inc n)))
(defn sum-up [n]
(if (<= threshold (->> (small-bug n)
(map inc)
(reduce +)))
(println "OK")
(println "ERROR")))
(sum-up 15)
(defn sum-up2 [n]
(let [sn (small-bug n)
inc-sn (map inc sn)
result (reduce + inc-sn)]
(if (<= threshold result)
(println "OK")
(println "ERROR"))))
(sum-up2 15)