An example event listener plugin integrating Curity with Apigee Edge
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Apigee Edge Token Publisher Demo Plugin

This is an example event listener SDK Plugin for the Curity Identity Server. The plugin registers an event listener listening for issued access token events, and forwards them to Apigee Edge. See the tutorial on Integrating Apigee with Curity for the full story on how Apigee Edge might be integrated with Curity.

Building, installation and configuration

To build the plugin, simply download it and run mvn package. This creates the directory structure usr/share/plugins/apigee_edge_token_publisher in the target directory which you can copy right into your idsvr installation. Start the server and configure a new event listener (shown here using the Admin UI, but might just as well be configured through the CLI, REST or XML):

Add new listener

Pick a suitable name and then select the "apigee-edge-token-publisher" type:

Select type

Configure your listener to point to your Apigee Edge endpoint:

Configure the listener

Please visit for more information about the Curity Identity Server.