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what: curl-up 2020

where: Berlin, Germany

when: May 9-10 2020

location: Adalbertstraße 8, 10999 Berlin

code of conduct: co-up's code of conduct is similar in spirit to curl's. No surprises. Comply with both!

who: Anyone interested in curl, libcurl and related technologies.

  • internet application protocol fanatics (eg. HTTP/3)
  • curl hackers and developers
  • libcurl binding hackers
  • libcurl users
  • curl fans
  • hackers of similar tools or related technologies

Important Dates

Now Call for Participation (CFP)
Soon registration open
May 2, 2020 announce final program
May 2, 2020 registration closes
May 9, 2020, Saturday curl-up day 1
May 10 2020, Sunday curl-up day 2


curl-up day 1

Saturday May 9, 2020

Please submit your proposals of ideas to talk about, to listen to, to spend time on.

Time Title Who
09:00 Arrival
09:30 Welcome, the state of curl Daniel Stenberg
18:00 End of day one

curl-up dinner

Saturday evening something maybe?

curl-up day 2

Sunday May 10, 2020

Time Title Who
09:00 Arrival
17:00 End of day two

Call for Participation

We are accepting submissions for presentations on the following topics:

  • real world libcurl usage in your own application(s)
  • high performance, large scale or extreme usage of curl/libcurl
  • libcurl idioms, techniques, tips and tricks
  • HTTP3 / QUIC and future protocols
  • unsolved hard problems and challenges
  • something else you deem interesting and suitable

Proposals may have several forms eg. full paper/presentation, a short video explaining what you might want to talk about or if you like a simple email with extended abstract. Please indicate if you think your topic is better suited for the curl-up meetings or Symposium.

If your topic is selected, your speaker duties would be to obviously attend conference and give a presentation, as well as provide a draft of presentation before the conference.

Most presentations will be given ~25 minutes which means about 20 minutes for presentation and some time for Q&A. If you feel like you have a shorter presentation then we can include in the 'lightening presentations' time slot.

Please send questions and submissions to curlup at

How to register

Price: this is a free (or almost free) event. There is however a limited number of seats available (around 50).

The online registration has not opened yet. Stay tuned.

Event Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring please contact curlup at

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