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Funding attendance

Daniel Stenberg edited this page Jan 14, 2020 · 4 revisions

The curl project will reimburse travel expenses for developers who attend curl up 2020 with the explicit ambition to lower the bar and enable more developers and contributors to attend this event.


We will reimburse travel and hotel expenses up a certain amount depending on from where you travel.

Country of residence Max amount
Same as curl up 250 Euros
Within Europe 500 Euros
Outside of Europe 800 Euros

Each attendee needs to be able to present receipts and proper documents for claiming this.


The funds used for this are paid for and donated by sponsors, both companies and individuals. We honor our promise to spend their gracious donations on project related activities.

Who is eligible?

  1. Everyone on the top-100 commit authors list
  2. Anyone who applies, explains why he/she wants to come and who has at least one pull-request merged or other contribution done before April 1, 2020.

It should be noted that this offer is extended to attendees only. People who actually attend.

How to apply

Apply for funding:

  1. Fill in the form (it will be made available at a later point)
  2. Await feedback from Daniel or other curl core team member

If you are denied, then you don't qualify according to the rules mentioned above.

Additional conditions

We reserve ourselves the right to decide who can and cannot get reimbursed under this program and there's no way to appeal our decisions.

In the case this sponsored program gets unexpectedly popular, we reserve ourselves the right to lower the maximum reimburse amounts.

Receipts, taxes and other paper work

Reimbursements will be done from Open Collective and any additional reporting, paper work, taxes or similar is left for each individual recipient to handle.

You must be able to present receipts or other necessary paper work in order to claim expenses.

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