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# $Id$
AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign no-dependencies
noinst_LIBRARIES = libcurl.a
# Some flags needed when trying to cause warnings ;-)
CFLAGS = -g #-Wall -pedantic
INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)/include
libcurl_a_SOURCES = \
arpa_telnet.h file.c getpass.h netrc.h timeval.c \
base64.c file.h hostip.c progress.c timeval.h \
base64.h formdata.c hostip.h progress.h \
cookie.c formdata.h http.c sendf.c \
cookie.h ftp.c http.h sendf.h url.c \
dict.c ftp.h if2ip.c speedcheck.c url.h \
dict.h getdate.c if2ip.h speedcheck.h urldata.h \
download.c getdate.h ldap.c ssluse.c version.c \
download.h getenv.c ldap.h ssluse.h \
escape.c getenv.h mprintf.c telnet.c \
escape.h getpass.c netrc.c telnet.h \
writeout.c writeout.h
# Say $(srcdir), so GNU make does not report an ambiguity with the .y.c rule.
$(srcdir)/getdate.c: getdate.y
cd $(srcdir) && \
$(YACC) $(YFLAGS) getdate.y; \
mv -f getdate.c
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