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.\" You can view this file with:
.\" nroff -man curl-config.1
.\" Written by Daniel Stenberg
.TH curl-config 1 "28 May 2001" "Curl 7.8" "curl-config manual"
curl-config \- Get information about a libcurl installation
.B curl-config [options]
.B curl-config
displays information about a previous curl and libcurl installation.
.IP "--cflags"
What set of CFLAGS that was used when libcurl was built. This is mostly a
debug option that serves no particular use to most people.
.IP "--feature"
Lists what particular main features the installed libcurl was built with. At
the time of writing, this list may include SSL, KRB4 or IPv6. Do not assume
any particular order. The keywords will be separated by newlines. There may be
none, one or several keywords in the list.
.IP "--help"
Displays the available options.
.IP "--libs"
Shows the complete set of libs and other linker options you will need in order
to link your application with libcurl.
.IP "--prefix"
This is the prefix used when libcurl was installed. Libcurl is then installed
in $prefix/lib and its header files are installed in $prefix/include and so
on. The prefix is set with "configure --prefix".
.IP "--version"
Outputs version information about the installed libcurl.
.IP "--vernum"
Outputs version information about the installed libcurl, in numerical mode.
This outputs the version number, in hexadecimal, with 8 bits for each part;
major, minor, patch. So that libcurl 7.7.4 would appear as 070704 and libcurl
12.13.14 would appear as 0c0d0e...
What is the path to the curl header files?
echo `curl-config --prefix`/include
What is the path to libcurl?
echo `curl-config --prefix`/lib
What other linker options do I need when I link with libcurl?
curl-config --libs
How do I know if libcurl was built with SSL support?
curl-config --feature | grep SSL
What's the installed libcurl version?
curl-config --version
.BR curl (1)
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