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curl and libcurl 7.66.0
Public curl releases: 185
Command line options: 225
curl_easy_setopt() options: 269
Public functions in libcurl: 81
Contributors: 1991
This release includes the following changes:
o CURLINFO_RETRY_AFTER: parse the Retry-After header value [35]
o HTTP3: initial (experimental still not working) support [5]
o curl: --sasl-authzid added to support CURLOPT_SASL_AUTHZID from the tool [27]
o curl: support parallel transfers with -Z [4]
o curl_multi_poll: a sister to curl_multi_wait() that waits more [28]
o sasl: Implement SASL authorisation identity via CURLOPT_SASL_AUTHZID [27]
This release includes the following bugfixes:
o CURLOPT_ALTSVC.3: use a "" file name to not load from a file
o CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION: seting this to 3 forces HTTP/3 use directly [33]
o CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: provide inline example
o HTTP: use chunked Transfer-Encoding for HTTP_POST if size unknown [10]
o alt-svc: add protocol version selection masking [31]
o alt-svc: fix removal of expired cache entry [30]
o alt-svc: make it use h3-22 with ngtcp2 as well
o alt-svc: more liberal ALPN name parsing [17]
o alt-svc: send Alt-Used: in redirected requests [32]
o alt-svc: with quiche, use the quiche h3 alpn string [16]
o appveyor: pass on -k to make
o asyn-thread: create a socketpair to wait on [14]
o cleanup: remove the 'numsocks' argument used in many places [25]
o configure: avoid undefined check_for_ca_bundle [37]
o curl.h: add CURL_HTTP_VERSION_3 to the version enum
o curl.h: fix outdated comment [23]
o curl: cap the maximum allowed values for retry time arguments [13]
o curl: make use of CURLINFO_RETRY_AFTER when retrying [35]
o curl: remove outdated comment [24]
o curl: use CURLINFO_PROTOCOL to check for HTTP(s)
o curl_global_init_mem.3: mention it was added in 7.12.0
o curl_version: bump string buffer size to 250
o curl_version_info.3: mentioned ALTSVC and HTTP3
o curl_version_info: offer quic (and h3) library info [38]
o curl_version_info: provide nghttp2 details [2]
o docs/ALTSVC: remove what works and the experimental explanation [34]
o docs/EXPERIMENTAL: explain what it means and what's experimental now
o docs/ converted to markdown from plain text [3]
o docs: s/curl_debug/curl_dbg_debug in comments and docs [36]
o easy: resize receive buffer on easy handle reset [9]
o examples: Avoid reserved names in hiperfifo examples [8]
o examples: add http3.c, altsvc.c and http3-present.c [40]
o getenv: support up to 4K environment variable contents on windows [21]
o http09: disable HTTP/0.9 by default in both tool and library [29]
o http2_recv: trigger another read when the last data is returned [11]
o http: fix use of credentials from URL when using HTTP proxy [44]
o http_negotiate: improve handling of gss_init_sec_context() failures [18]
o md4: Use our own MD4 when no crypto libraries are available [15]
o multi: call detach_connection before Curl_disconnect [6]
o nss: use TLSv1.3 as default if supported [39]
o plan9: add support for running on Plan 9 [22]
o progress: reset download/uploaded counter between transfers [12]
o readwrite_data: repair setting the TIMER_STARTTRANSFER stamp [26]
o source: remove names from source comments [1]
o src/makefile: fix uncompressed hugehelp.c generation [19]
o ssh-libssh: do not specify O_APPEND when not in append mode [7]
o tests: Replace outdated test case numbering documentation [43]
o timediff: make it 64 bit (if possible) even with 32 bit time_t [20]
o travis: reduce number of torture tests in 'coverage' [42]
o url: make use of new HTTP version if alt-svc has one [16]
o vauth: Use CURLE_AUTH_ERROR for auth function errors [41]
This release includes the following known bugs:
o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (
This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:
Alessandro Ghedini, Alex Mayorga, Amit Katyal, Balazs Kovacsics,
Brad Spencer, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón, Daniel Gustafsson, Daniel Stenberg,
Dominik Hölzl, Eric Wong, Felix Hädicke, Gergely Nagy, Gisle Vanem,
Igor Makarov, Ironbars13 on github, Jason Lee, Jonathan Cardoso Machado,
Junho Choi, Kamil Dudka, Kyohei Kadota, Lance Ware, Marcel Raad, Michael Lee,
Michal Čaplygin, Mike Crowe, niallor on github, Patrick Monnerat, Peter Wu,
Ray Satiro, Steve Holme, Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa, The Infinnovation team,
Tom van der Woerdt, Yiming Jing,
(34 contributors)
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)
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