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TODO: Added SMTP and POP3 specific features

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@@ -61,46 +61,57 @@
8.3 check connection
8.4 non-gcrypt
- 9. Other protocols
- 10. New protocols
- 10.1 RSYNC
- 11. Client
- 11.1 sync
- 11.2 glob posts
- 11.3 prevent file overwriting
- 11.4 simultaneous parallel transfers
- 11.5 provide formpost headers
- 11.6 url-specific options
- 11.7 metalink support
- 11.8 warning when setting an option
- 11.9 IPv6 addresses with globbing
- 12. Build
- 12.1 roffit
- 13. Test suite
- 13.1 SSL tunnel
- 13.2 nicer lacking perl message
- 13.3 more protocols supported
- 13.4 more platforms supported
- 14. Next SONAME bump
- 14.1 http-style HEAD output for ftp
- 14.2 combine error codes
- 14.3 extend CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION prototype
- 15. Next major release
- 15.1 cleanup return codes
- 15.2 remove obsolete defines
- 15.3 size_t
- 15.4 remove several functions
- 15.7 remove progress meter from libcurl
- 15.8 remove 'curl_httppost' from public
- 15.9 have form functions use CURL handle argument
+ 9. SMTP
+ 9.1 Other authentication mechanims
+ 9.2 Specify the preferred authentication mechanism
+ 9.3 Initial response
+ 9.4 Pipelining
+ 10 POP3
+ 10.1 APOP Authentication
+ 10.2 Other authentication mechanims
+ 10.3 auth= in URLs
+ 11. Other protocols
+ 12. New protocols
+ 12.1 RSYNC
+ 13. Client
+ 13.1 sync
+ 13.2 glob posts
+ 13.3 prevent file overwriting
+ 13.4 simultaneous parallel transfers
+ 13.5 provide formpost headers
+ 13.6 url-specific options
+ 13.7 metalink support
+ 13.8 warning when setting an option
+ 13.9 IPv6 addresses with globbing
+ 14. Build
+ 14.1 roffit
+ 15. Test suite
+ 15.1 SSL tunnel
+ 15.2 nicer lacking perl message
+ 15.3 more protocols supported
+ 15.4 more platforms supported
+ 16. Next SONAME bump
+ 16.1 http-style HEAD output for ftp
+ 16.2 combine error codes
+ 16.3 extend CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION prototype
+ 17. Next major release
+ 17.1 cleanup return codes
+ 17.2 remove obsolete defines
+ 17.3 size_t
+ 17.4 remove several functions
+ 17.7 remove progress meter from libcurl
+ 17.8 remove 'curl_httppost' from public
+ 17.9 have form functions use CURL handle argument
@@ -360,18 +371,65 @@ to provide the data to send.
The correct fix would be to detect which crypto layer that is in use and
adapt our code to use that instead of blindly assuming gcrypt.
-9. Other protocols
+9. SMTP
-10. New protocols
+9.1 Other authentication mechanims
-10.1 RSYNC
+ Add support for other authentication mechanisms such as digest-md5 and
+ gssapi.
- There's no RFC for protocol nor URI/URL format. An implementation should
- most probably use an existing rsync library, such as librsync.
+9.2 Specify the preferred authentication mechanism
-11. Client
+ Add the ability to specify the preferred authentication mechanism or a list
+ of mechanims that should be used. Not only that, but the order that is
+ returned by the server during the EHLO response should be honored by curl.
+9.3 Initial response
-11.1 sync
+ Add the ability for the user to specify whether the initial response is
+ included in the AUTH command. Some email servers, such as Microsoft
+ Exchange, can work with either whilst others need to have the initial
+ response sent separately:
+9.4 Pipelining
+ Add support for pipelining emails.
+10 POP3
+10.1 APOP Authentication
+ Add support for the APOP command rather than using plain text authentication
+ (USER and PASS) as this is very week security wise. Note: The APOP command
+ is specified as "APOP <username> <md5 password>", however, it isn't
+ supported by all mail servers.
+10.2 Other authentication mechanims
+ SASL offers support for additional authentication mechanisms via the AUTH
+ command. Detection of an email server's support for SASL authentication
+ can be detected via the CAPA command whilst a list of supported mechanisms
+ can be retrieved with an empty AUTH command.
+10.3 auth= in URLs
+ Being able to specify the preferred authentication mechanim in the URL as
+ per RFC-2384 (
+11. Other protocols
+12. New protocols
+12.1 RSYNC
+ There's no RFC for the protocol or an URI/URL format. An implementation
+ should most probably use an existing rsync library, such as librsync.
+13. Client
+13.1 sync
"curl --sync[1-100].rss" or
"curl --sync{index,calendar,history}.html"
@@ -380,27 +438,27 @@ to provide the data to send.
remote file is newer than the local file. A Last-Modified HTTP date header
should also be used to set the mod date on the downloaded file.
-11.2 glob posts
+13.2 glob posts
Globbing support for -d and -F, as in 'curl -d "name=foo[0-9]" URL'.
This is easily scripted though.
-11.3 prevent file overwriting
+13.3 prevent file overwriting
Add an option that prevents cURL from overwriting existing local files. When
used, and there already is an existing file with the target file name
(either -O or -o), a number should be appended (and increased if already
existing). So that index.html becomes first index.html.1 and then
index.html.2 etc.
-11.4 simultaneous parallel transfers
+13.4 simultaneous parallel transfers
The client could be told to use maximum N simultaneous parallel transfers and
then just make sure that happens. It should of course not make more than one
connection to the same remote host. This would require the client to use the
multi interface.
-11.5 provide formpost headers
+13.5 provide formpost headers
Extending the capabilities of the multipart formposting. How about leaving
the ';type=foo' syntax as it is and adding an extra tag (headers) which
@@ -414,7 +472,7 @@ to provide the data to send.
which should overwrite the program reasonable defaults (plain/text,
-11.6 url-specific options
+13.6 url-specific options
Provide a way to make options bound to a specific URL among several on the
command line. Possibly by letting ':' separate options between URLs,
@@ -428,62 +486,62 @@ to provide the data to send.
The example would do a POST-GET-POST combination on a single command line.
-11.7 metalink support
+13.7 metalink support
Add metalink support to curl ( This is most useful
with simultaneous parallel transfers (11.6) but not necessary.
-11.8 warning when setting an option
+13.8 warning when setting an option
Display a warning when libcurl returns an error when setting an option.
This can be useful to tell when support for a particular feature hasn't been
compiled into the library.
-11.9 IPv6 addresses with globbing
+13.9 IPv6 addresses with globbing
Currently the command line client needs to get url globbing disabled (with
-g) for it to support IPv6 numerical addresses. This is a rather silly flaw
that should be corrected. It probably involves a smarter detection of the
'[' and ']' letters.
-12. Build
+14. Build
-12.1 roffit
+14.1 roffit
Consider extending 'roffit' to produce decent ASCII output, and use that
instead of (g)nroff when building src/hugehelp.c
-13. Test suite
+15. Test suite
-13.1 SSL tunnel
+15.1 SSL tunnel
Make our own version of stunnel for simple port forwarding to enable HTTPS
and FTP-SSL tests without the stunnel dependency, and it could allow us to
provide test tools built with either OpenSSL or GnuTLS
-13.2 nicer lacking perl message
+15.2 nicer lacking perl message
If perl wasn't found by the configure script, don't attempt to run the tests
but explain something nice why it doesn't.
-13.3 more protocols supported
+15.3 more protocols supported
Extend the test suite to include more protocols. The telnet could just do ftp
or http operations (for which we have test servers).
-13.4 more platforms supported
+15.4 more platforms supported
Make the test suite work on more platforms. OpenBSD and Mac OS. Remove
fork()s and it should become even more portable.
-14. Next SONAME bump
+16. Next SONAME bump
-14.1 http-style HEAD output for ftp
+16.1 http-style HEAD output for ftp
#undef CURL_FTP_HTTPSTYLE_HEAD in lib/ftp.c to remove the HTTP-style headers
from being output in NOBODY requests over ftp
-14.2 combine error codes
+16.2 combine error codes
Combine some of the error codes to remove duplicates. The original
numbering should not be changed, and the old identifiers would be
@@ -501,29 +559,29 @@ to provide the data to send.
-14.3 extend CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION prototype
+16.3 extend CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION prototype
The current prototype only provides 'purpose' that tells what the
connection/socket is for, but not any protocol or similar. It makes it hard
for applications to differentiate on TCP vs UDP and even HTTP vs FTP and
-15. Next major release
+17. Next major release
-15.1 cleanup return codes
+17.1 cleanup return codes
curl_easy_cleanup() returns void, but curl_multi_cleanup() returns a
CURLMcode. These should be changed to be the same.
-15.2 remove obsolete defines
+17.2 remove obsolete defines
remove obsolete defines from curl/curl.h
-15.3 size_t
+17.3 size_t
make several functions use size_t instead of int in their APIs
-15.4 remove several functions
+17.4 remove several functions
remove the following functions from the public API:
@@ -544,18 +602,18 @@ to provide the data to send.
Remove support for CURLOPT_FAILONERROR, it has gotten too kludgy and weird
internally. Let the app judge success or not for itself.
Remove support for a global DNS cache. Anything global is silly, and we
already offer the share interface for the same functionality but done
-15.7 remove progress meter from libcurl
+17.7 remove progress meter from libcurl
The internally provided progress meter output doesn't belong in the library.
Basically no application wants it (apart from curl) but instead applications
@@ -565,7 +623,7 @@ to provide the data to send.
variable types passed to it instead of doubles so that big files work
-15.8 remove 'curl_httppost' from public
+17.8 remove 'curl_httppost' from public
curl_formadd() was made to fill in a public struct, but the fact that the
struct is public is never really used by application for their own advantage
@@ -574,7 +632,7 @@ to provide the data to send.
Changing them to return a private handle will benefit the implementation and
allow us much greater freedoms while still maintining a solid API and ABI.
-15.9 have form functions use CURL handle argument
+17.9 have form functions use CURL handle argument
curl_formadd() and curl_formget() both currently have no CURL handle
argument, but both can use a callback that is set in the easy handle, and

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