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multi: removed unused code for request retries

This code was once used for the non multi-interface using code path, but
ever since easy_perform was turned into a wrapper around the multi
interface, this code path never runs.

Closes #3666
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bagder committed Mar 11, 2019
1 parent 9e6af11 commit 0bb56392d4d077c5d62c63831536354a29d59f26
Showing with 0 additions and 72 deletions.
  1. +0 −72 lib/multi.c
@@ -1195,57 +1195,6 @@ CURLMcode Curl_multi_add_perform(struct Curl_multi *multi,
return rc;

static CURLcode multi_reconnect_request(struct Curl_easy *data)
CURLcode result = CURLE_OK;
struct connectdata *conn = data->conn;

/* This was a re-use of a connection and we got a write error in the
* DO-phase. Then we DISCONNECT this connection and have another attempt to
* CONNECT and then DO again! The retry cannot possibly find another
* connection to re-use, since we only keep one possible connection for
* each. */

infof(data, "Re-used connection seems dead, get a new one\n");

connclose(conn, "Reconnect dead connection"); /* enforce close */
result = multi_done(data, result, FALSE); /* we are so done with this */

/* data->conn was detached in multi_done() */

* We need to check for CURLE_SEND_ERROR here as well. This could happen
* when the request failed on a FTP connection and thus multi_done() itself
* tried to use the connection (again).
if(!result || (CURLE_SEND_ERROR == result)) {
bool async;
bool protocol_done = TRUE;

/* Now, redo the connect and get a new connection */
result = Curl_connect(data, &async, &protocol_done);
if(!result) {
/* We have connected or sent away a name resolve query fine */

conn = data->conn; /* in case it was updated */
if(async) {
/* Now, if async is TRUE here, we need to wait for the name
to resolve */
result = Curl_resolver_wait_resolv(conn, NULL);
return result;

/* Resolved, continue with the connection */
result = Curl_once_resolved(conn, &protocol_done);
return result;

return result;

* do_complete is called when the DO actions are complete.
@@ -1267,27 +1216,6 @@ static CURLcode multi_do(struct Curl_easy *data, bool *done)
/* generic protocol-specific function pointer set in curl_connect() */
result = conn->handler->do_it(conn, done);

/* This was formerly done in transfer.c, but we better do it here */
if((CURLE_SEND_ERROR == result) && conn->bits.reuse) {
* If the connection is using an easy handle, call reconnect
* to re-establish the connection. Otherwise, let the multi logic
* figure out how to re-establish the connection.
if(!data->multi) {
result = multi_reconnect_request(data);

if(!result) {
/* ... finally back to actually retry the DO phase */
conn = data->conn; /* re-assign conn since multi_reconnect_request
creates a new connection */
result = conn->handler->do_it(conn, done);
return result;

if(!result && *done)
/* do_complete must be called after the protocol-specific DO function */

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