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travis: do not use OVERRIDE_CC or OVERRIDE_CXX if empty

Fixes the macOS builds where OVERRIDE_CC and OVERRIDE_CXX are not set.
Note that `test` is used instead of `[` to avoid YAML from trying to
interpret it as an array (and failing to do so).

Reported-by: Jay Satiro
Closes #4661
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Lekensteyn committed Nov 30, 2019
1 parent 5d576af commit 12159c34bebe782701dd19aa0f7f07193b9d3da0
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@@ -439,8 +439,8 @@ matrix:
- zlib1g-dev

- export "${OVERRIDE_CC}"
- export "${OVERRIDE_CXX}"
- test -z "$OVERRIDE_CC" || export "${OVERRIDE_CC}"
- test -z "$OVERRIDE_CXX" || export "${OVERRIDE_CXX}"

- if [ "$T" = "coverage" ]; then pip2 install --user cpp-coveralls; fi

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