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@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ by force, and similar.
File name to read setup from (deprecated). The old style of providing info.
If info is missing when is started, it will prompt you and then
store the info in a 'setup' file, which it will look for on each invoke. Use
-\fI--name\fP, \fI--emacs\fP, \fI--configure\fP and \fI--desc\fP instead.
+\fI--name\fP, \fI--email\fP, \fI--configure\fP and \fI--desc\fP instead.
.IP "--target=[your os]"
Specify your target environment. Recognized strings include 'vc', 'mingw32',
\&'borland' and 'netware'.

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