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@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
Daniel (9 October)
+- Lachlan O'Dea fixed a resume problem: "If I set CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM, perform
+ an HTTP download, then reset CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM to 0, the next download
+ still has a Range header with a garbage value." bug report #820502
- Dominick Meglio made the inet_pton.c file build fine using MSVC.
- The 'sws' test suite web server now #include setup.h from the lib directory.
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ This release includes the following changes:
This release includes the following bugfixes:
+ o resume was not possible to switch off properly once enabled
o fixed the ipv4 connect code when a DNS entry has multiple IPs
o now checks subjectAltNames when matching certs
o HTTP POST using read callback works again
@@ -65,6 +66,7 @@ advice from friends like these:
Early Ehlinger, Kevin Fisk, Jurij Smakov, Bjorn Reese, Tim Bartley, David
Kimdon, Dominick Meglio, Markus Moeller, Giuseppe Attardi, James MacMillan,
Neil Spring, Siddhartha Prakash Jain, Jon Turner, Vincent Bronner, Shard,
- Jeremy Friesner, Florian Schoppmann, Neil Dunbar, Frank Ticheler
+ Jeremy Friesner, Florian Schoppmann, Neil Dunbar, Frank Ticheler, Lachlan
+ O'Dea
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

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