Browse files Fix perl call to include srcdir

- Use explicit include opt for perl calls.

Prior to this change some scripts couldn't find their dependencies.

At the top, perl is called using with the "-Isrcdir" option, and it

But on line 3868, that option is omitted. This caused problems for me,
as the script in particular couldn't find its
dependencies properly:

This patch fixes that oversight by making calls to perl sub-shells

Closes #3496
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ladar authored and jay committed Jan 24, 2019
1 parent 39df407 commit 53400f5a4143a0908989ee0ca59862e02f779c1d
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@@ -3865,7 +3865,7 @@ sub singletest {
if($cmdtype eq "perl") {
# run the command line prepended with "perl"
$cmdargs ="$cmd";
$CMDLINE = "perl ";
$CMDLINE = "$perl ";

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