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strerror: Add Curl_winapi_strerror for Win API specific errors

- In all code call Curl_winapi_strerror instead of Curl_strerror when
  the error code is known to be from Windows GetLastError.

Curl_strerror prefers CRT error codes (errno) over Windows API error
codes (GetLastError) when the two overlap. When we know the error code
is from GetLastError it is more accurate to prefer the Windows API error

Reported-by: Richard Alcock

Fixes #4550
Closes #4581
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jay committed Nov 10, 2019
1 parent bc5d22c commit 5b22e1a5a9966036f087de8f58af449975400e58
Showing with 245 additions and 350 deletions.
  1. +228 −341 lib/strerror.c
  2. +3 −0 lib/strerror.h
  3. +14 −9 lib/vtls/schannel_verify.c

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