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acinclude: add additional libraries to check for LDAP support

- Add an additional check for LDAP that also checks for OpenSSL since
  on AIX those libraries may be required to link LDAP properly.

Fixes #3595
Closes #3596
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aixtools authored and jay committed Feb 21, 2019
1 parent 531b7ad commit 66637b4d8fbc52aa1b57845cf45c7ccc7a95880f
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +3 −1 acinclude.m4
@@ -791,7 +791,9 @@ AC_DEFUN([CURL_CHECK_LIBS_LDAP], [
'-lldap -llber' \
'-llber -lldap' \
'-lldapssl -lldapx -lldapsdk' \
'-lldapsdk -lldapx -lldapssl' ; do
'-lldapsdk -lldapx -lldapssl' \
'-lldap -llber -lssl -lcrypto' ; do

if test "$curl_cv_ldap_LIBS" = "unknown"; then
if test -z "$x_nlibs"; then

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