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bagder committed Apr 12, 2019
1 parent 762a292 commit 687cdeb9704e372214e28483d87da15c54156bcd
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@@ -9,29 +9,46 @@ curl and libcurl 7.65.0
This release includes the following changes:

o pipelining: removed [10]

This release includes the following bugfixes:

o --config: clarify that initial : and = might need quoting [17]
o AppVeyor: enable testing for WinSSL build [23]
o fix no-consecutive-blank-lines Codacy warning [22]
o VC15 project: remove MinimalRebuild
o VS projects: use Unicode for VC10+ [16]
o build-openssl.bat: lots of improvements and polish
o cirrus: Customize the disabled tests per FreeBSD version
o cmake: avoid linking executable for some tests with cmake 3.6+ [18]
o cmake: clear CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES after each use [19]
o cmake: set SSL_BACKENDS [12]
o configure: avoid unportable `==' test(1) operator [1]
o configure: fix default location for fish completions [13]
o curl_easy_getinfo.3: fix minor formatting mistake
o documentation: Fix several typos [7]
o ftplistparser: fix LGTM alert "Empty block without comment" [14]
o lib509: add missing include for strdup [22]
o lib557: initialize variables [22]
o multi: improved HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED handling [2]
o polarssl_threadlock: remove conditionally unused code [22]
o resolve: apply Happy Eyeballs philosophy to parallel c-ares queries [3]
o scripts: fix typos
o smtp: fix compiler warning [15]
o socks5: user name and passwords must be shorter than 256 [8]
o socks: fix error message
o tests/server/util: fix Windows Unicode build [21]
o tests: make Impacket (SMB server) Python 3 compatible [11]
o tool_cb_wrt: fix bad-function-cast warning [5]
o tool_help: include <strings.h> for strcasecmp [4]
o transfer: fix LGTM alert "Comparison is always true" [14]
o travis: allow builds on branches named "ci"
o travis: install dependencies only when needed [24]
o url: always clone the CUROPT_CURLU handle [26]
o urlapi: urlencode characters above 0x7f correctly [9]
o vauth/cleartext: update the PLAIN login to match RFC 4616 [27]
o vauth/oauth2: Fix OAUTHBEARER token generation [6]
o xattr: skip unittest on unsupported platforms [20]

This release includes the following known bugs:

@@ -43,9 +60,9 @@ advice from friends like these:
Brad Spencer, cclauss on github, Dan Fandrich, Daniel Gustafsson,
Daniel Stenberg, Eli Schwartz, Even Rouault, Jakub Zakrzewski,
Leonardo Taccari, Marcel Raad, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, niner on github,
Paolo Mossino, Rikard Falkeborn, Simon Warta, Tim Rühsen, Wyatt O'Day,
XmiliaH on github,
(18 contributors)
Paolo Mossino, Poul T Lomholt, Rikard Falkeborn, Simon Warta, Steve Holme,
Tim Rühsen, Wyatt O'Day, XmiliaH on github,
(20 contributors)

Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

@@ -67,3 +84,14 @@ References to bug reports and discussions on issues:
[14] =
[15] =
[16] =
[17] =
[18] =
[19] =
[20] =
[21] =
[22] =
[23] =
[24] =
[25] =
[26] =
[27] =

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