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update the version numbers in the libcurl.plist automaticly on release

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1 parent 1be1d3c commit 7b3c308eb0e1d1d8b4d5a4c8dda6849e9bba1c44 @bagder bagder committed Dec 8, 2004
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@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ sed -e 's/^#define LIBCURL_VERSION .*/#define LIBCURL_VERSION "'$libversion'"/g'
# Replace version number in header file:
sed 's/#define CURL_VERSION .*/#define CURL_VERSION "'$curlversion'"/g' $CHEADER >$CHEADER.dist
+# Replace version number in plist file:
+sed "s/7\.12\.3/$libversion/g" $PLIST > $PLIST.dist
echo "curl version $curlversion"
echo "libcurl version $libversion"
echo "libcurl numerical $numeric"

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