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resolver_error: remove wrong error message output

The attempt to use gai_strerror() or alternative function didn't work as
the 'sock_error' field didn't contain the proper error code. But since
this hasn't been reported and thus isn't really a big deal I decided to
just scrap the whole attempt to output the detailed resolver error and
instead remain with just stating that the resolving of the name failed.
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1 parent 25e577b commit a995ea05b3dd378d9f1e4ff3c40f686bcf3a348e @bagder bagder committed Feb 18, 2013
Showing with 2 additions and 48 deletions.
  1. +2 −48 lib/asyn-thread.c
@@ -387,44 +387,6 @@ static bool init_resolve_thread (struct connectdata *conn,
return FALSE;
-#if defined(HAVE_GETADDRINFO) && !defined(HAVE_GAI_STRERROR) && !defined(WIN32)
-/* NetWare has getaddrinfo but lacks gai_strerror.
- Windows has a gai_strerror but it is bad (not thread-safe) and the generic
- socket error string function can be used for this pupose. */
-static const char *gai_strerror(int ecode)
- switch (ecode) {
- case EAI_AGAIN:
- return "The name could not be resolved at this time";
- return "The flags parameter had an invalid value";
- case EAI_FAIL:
- return "A non-recoverable error occurred when attempting to "
- "resolve the name";
- case EAI_FAMILY:
- return "The address family was not recognized";
- case EAI_MEMORY:
- return "Out of memory";
- case EAI_NONAME:
- return "The name does not resolve for the supplied parameters";
- return "The service passed was not recognized for the "
- "specified socket type"
- return "The intended socket type was not recognized"
- case EAI_SYSTEM:
- return "A system error occurred";
- return "An argument buffer overflowed";
- default:
- return "Unknown error";
-/* define this now as this is a private implementation of said function */
* resolver_error() calls failf() with the appropriate message after a resolve
* error
@@ -443,16 +405,8 @@ static CURLcode resolver_error(struct connectdata *conn)
- failf(conn->data, "Could not resolve %s: %s; %s", host_or_proxy,
- conn->async.hostname,
- /* NetWare doesn't have gai_strerror and on Windows it isn't deemed
- thread-safe */
- gai_strerror(conn->async.status)
- Curl_strerror(conn, conn->async.status)
- );
+ failf(conn->data, "Could not resolve %s: %s", host_or_proxy,
+ conn->async.hostname);
return rc;

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