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ROADMAP: updated to some more current things to work on

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bagder committed Mar 6, 2019
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@@ -5,25 +5,55 @@ Roadmap of things Daniel Stenberg wants to work on next. It is intended to
serve as a guideline for others for information, feedback and possible serve as a guideline for others for information, feedback and possible
participation. participation.


See the [QUIC and HTTP/3 wiki page](

ESNI (Encrypted SNI)

See Daniel's post on [Support of Encrypted
SNI]( on the mailing list.

---- ----

See the [QUIC wiki page]( Complete and merge [the existing PR](

Parallel transfers for the curl tool

This will require several new command line options to enable and control.

1. switch to creating a list of all the transfers first before any transfer
is done
2. make the transfers using the multi interface
3. optionally fire up more transfers before the previous has completed

Option to refuse HTTPS => HTTP redirects

Possibly as a new bit to `CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION` ?

Option to let CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST be overridden on redirect

SRV records (This is a common problem for people using `-X` and `-L` together.)

How to find services for specific domains/hosts. Possibly as a new bit to `CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION` ?

Improve Hardcode “localhost”
------- --------------------

1. curl -h output (considered overwhelming to users). No need to resolve it. Avoid a risk where this is resolved over the network
and actually responds with something else than a local address. Some operating
systems already do this. Also:

2. We have > 200 command line options, is there a way to redo things to Consider "menu config"-style build feature selection
simplify or improve the situation as we are likely to keep adding ----------------------------------------------------
features/options in the future too.

3. Perform some of the clean up from the TODO document, removing old Allow easier building of custom libcurl versions with only a selected feature
definitions and such like that are currently earmarked to be removed years where the available features are easily browsable and toggle-able ON/OFF or
ago. similar.

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