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https_getsock: provided for schannel backend as well

The function https_getsock was only implemented properly when USE_SSLEAY
or USE_GNUTLS is defined, but it is also necessary for USE_SCHANNEL.

The problem occurs when Curl_read_plain or Curl_write_plain returns
CURLE_AGAIN. In that case CURL_OK is returned to the multi-interface an
the used socket is set to state CURL_POLL_REMOVE and the easy-state is
set to CURLM_STATE_PROTOCONNECT. This is fine, because later the socket
should be set to CURL_POLL_IN or CURL_POLL_OUT via multi_getsock. That's
where https_getsock is called and doesn't return any sockets.
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1 parent 329be28 commit c42ca3e73a223b8ce9d655444755098c41fe0c08 @haegele-tv haegele-tv committed with bagder Jul 9, 2012
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  1. +4 −4 lib/http.c
@@ -1371,9 +1371,9 @@ static CURLcode https_connecting(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done)
-#if defined(USE_SSLEAY) || defined(USE_GNUTLS)
-/* This function is for OpenSSL and GnuTLS only. It should be made to query
- the generic SSL layer instead. */
+#if defined(USE_SSLEAY) || defined(USE_GNUTLS) || defined(USE_SCHANNEL)
+/* This function is for OpenSSL, GnuTLS and schannel only. It should be
+ made to query the generic SSL layer instead. */
static int https_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
curl_socket_t *socks,
int numsocks)
@@ -1409,7 +1409,7 @@ static int https_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
#endif /* USE_SSL */
-#endif /* USE_SSLEAY || USE_GNUTLS */
* Curl_http_done() gets called from Curl_done() after a single HTTP request

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