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configure: error out if OpenSSL wasn't detected when asked for

If --with-ssl is used and configure still couldn't enable SSL this
creates an error instead of just silently ignoring the fact.

Suggested-by: Isaiah Norton
Fixes #3824
Closes #3830
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bagder committed May 2, 2019
1 parent bd91e7f commit c60042fe09dec5b220d65ad34c674b1fd9346e12
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@@ -1889,6 +1889,14 @@ if test -z "$ssl_backends" -o "x$OPT_SSL" != xno &&
test -z "$ssl_msg" || ssl_backends="${ssl_backends:+$ssl_backends, }$ssl_msg"

if test X"$OPT_SSL" != Xoff &&
test X"$OPT_SSL" != Xno &&
test "$OPENSSL_ENABLED" != "1"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([--with-ssl was given but OpenSSL could not be detected])

dnl **********************************************************************
dnl Check for the random seed preferences
dnl **********************************************************************

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