curl_multi_remove_handle crash after enabling http2 server push #1249

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I did this

Attachment is code modified from
The difference is that, it will remove easy handle before transfer is finished, instead of waiting for "CURLMSG_DONE".
In this case, it cause crash within curl_multi_remove_handle().

Here are part of the trace infromation from valgrind:

==23947== Process terminating with default action of signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
==23947==  Access not within mapped region at address 0xC
==23947==    at 0x40922B4: http2_disconnect (http2.c:137)
==23947==    by 0x405A1D6: Curl_disconnect (url.c:3024)
==23947==    by 0x40741FE: multi_done (multi.c:626)
==23947==    by 0x407440B: curl_multi_remove_handle (multi.c:727)
==23947==    by 0x804930D: main (curl_server_push_test.c:332)
==23947==  If you believe this happened as a result of a stack
==23947==  overflow in your program's main thread (unlikely but
==23947==  possible), you can try to increase the size of the
==23947==  main thread stack using the --main-stacksize= flag.
==23947==  The main thread stack size used in this run was 16777216.

I expected the following

No crash.

curl/libcurl version


operating system



Here is the quick patch, works fine for me:

--- a/lib/http2.c       2016-12-19 15:27:56.000000000 +0800
+++ b/lib/http2.c       2017-02-07 10:11:20.882128999 +0800
@@ -415,6 +415,7 @@ static int push_promise(struct Curl_easy
     stream->push_headers = NULL;
+    stream->push_headers_used = 0;

     if(rv) {
       /* denied, kill off the new handle again */
@bagder bagder added a commit that closed this issue Feb 7, 2017
@bagder bagder http2: reset push header counter fixes crash
When removing an easy handler from a multi before it completed its
transfer, and it had pushed streams, it would segfault due to the pushed
counted not being cleared.

Fixes #1249
@bagder bagder closed this in d836123 Feb 7, 2017
bagder commented Feb 7, 2017

Thanks! The fix is perfectly sensible.

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