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Quiche CI job failing due to an http/3 upload test #12590

jay opened this issue Dec 23, 2023 · 1 comment

Quiche CI job failing due to an http/3 upload test #12590

jay opened this issue Dec 23, 2023 · 1 comment
CI Continuous Integration HTTP/3 h3 or quic related


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jay commented Dec 23, 2023

An h2/h3 upload test has been failing in the quiche ci job since it was added two days ago in 3538027:

tests/http/ ->
test_07_22_upload_parallel_fail aka "upload large data parallel to a URL that denies uploads"

The test expects curl to return error CURLE_HTTP3 (95) for the failed HTTP/3 transfer but instead with quiche HTTP/3 it returns CURLE_SEND_ERROR (55).


  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > POST /curltest/tweak?status=400&delay=5ms&chunks=1&body_error=reset&id=0 HTTP/3
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > Host:
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > User-Agent: curl/8.6.0-DEV
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > Accept: */*
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > Content-Length: 10485760
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  09:20:09.404665 [0-0] > 
  09:20:09.405099 [0-0] * STATE: DO => DID handle 0x559f546149f8; line 2194
  09:20:09.405218 [0-0] * STATE: DID => PERFORMING handle 0x559f546149f8; line 2312
  09:20:09.405431 [0-0] } [11995 bytes data]
  09:20:09.515920 [0-0] * Curl_readwrite() -> 55
  09:20:09.515996 [0-0] * multi_done[PERFORMING]: status: 55 prem: 1 done: 0
  09:20:09.516089 [0-x] * Connection still in use 49, no more multi_done now!
  09:20:09.516161 [0-x] * Expire cleared
assert 55 == 95
============= 1 failed, 192 passed, 55 skipped in 60.52s (0:01:00) =============

# upload large data parallel to a URL that denies uploads
@pytest.mark.parametrize("proto", ['h2', 'h3'])
def test_07_22_upload_parallel_fail(self, env: Env, httpd, nghttpx, repeat, proto):
if proto == 'h3' and not env.have_h3():
pytest.skip("h3 not supported")
if proto == 'h3' and env.curl_uses_lib('msh3'):
pytest.skip("msh3 stalls here")
fdata = os.path.join(env.gen_dir, 'data-10m')
count = 100
curl = CurlClient(env=env)
url = f'https://{env.authority_for(env.domain1, proto)}'\
r = curl.http_upload(urls=[url], data=f'@{fdata}', alpn_proto=proto,
exp_exit = 92 if proto == 'h2' else 95
r.check_stats(count=count, exitcode=exp_exit)

/cc @icing

@jay jay added HTTP/3 h3 or quic related CI Continuous Integration labels Dec 23, 2023
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jay commented Dec 23, 2023

quiche and ngtcp2 have a difference in send failure error code if the stream is closed but response headers were not received completely. in that case ngtcp2 returns CURLE_HTTP3 and quiche may return CURLE_SEND_ERROR:



Lines 1884 to 1900 in 7161cb1

else if(stream->closed) {
if(stream->resp_hds_complete) {
/* Server decided to close the stream after having sent us a final
* response. This is valid if it is not interested in the request
* body. This happens on 30x or 40x responses.
* We silently discard the data sent, since this is not a transport
* error situation. */
CURL_TRC_CF(data, cf, "[%" PRId64 "] discarding data"
"on closed stream with response", stream->id);
*err = CURLE_OK;
sent = (ssize_t)len;
goto out;
*err = CURLE_HTTP3;
sent = -1;
goto out;



Lines 1098 to 1127 in 7161cb1

stream->closed && stream->resp_hds_complete) {
/* sending request body on a stream that has been closed by the
* server. If the server has send us a final response, we should
* silently discard the send data.
* This happens for example on redirects where the server, instead
* of reading the full request body just closed the stream after
* sending the 30x response.
* This is sort of a race: had the transfer loop called recv first,
* it would see the response and stop/discard sending on its own- */
CURL_TRC_CF(data, cf, "[%" PRId64 "] discarding data"
"on closed stream with response", stream->id);
*err = CURLE_OK;
nwritten = (ssize_t)len;
goto out;
else if(nwritten == QUICHE_H3_TRANSPORT_ERR_FINAL_SIZE) {
CURL_TRC_CF(data, cf, "[%" PRId64 "] send_body(len=%zu) "
"-> exceeds size", stream->id, len);
nwritten = -1;
goto out;
else if(nwritten < 0) {
CURL_TRC_CF(data, cf, "[%" PRId64 "] send_body(len=%zu) "
"-> quiche err %zd", stream->id, len, nwritten);
nwritten = -1;
goto out;

jay added a commit to jay/curl that referenced this issue Dec 26, 2023
Prior to this change if a send failed on a stream in an invalid state
(according to quiche) and not marked as closed (according to libcurl)
then the send function would return CURLE_SEND_ERROR.

We already have similar code for ngtcp2 to return CURLE_HTTP3 in this

Caught by test test_07_22_upload_parallel_fail.

Fixes curl#12590
Closes #xxxx
@jay jay closed this as completed in b83729a Jan 2, 2024
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CI Continuous Integration HTTP/3 h3 or quic related

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