Visual Studio project generator broken #649

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jay commented Feb 13, 2016
>generate vc10
20743/ was unexpected at this time.

This is an unusual one. The command interpreter may still process special characters in REM comments in batch files, and in this case interprets a question mark in a URL as path globbing or some such.

>rem /?foo=bar/
bar/ was unexpected at this time.

Introduced in d49881c#diff-227457f73d3f44861a493547a1a5a59e

To remedy this I'm going to remove that NOTE. FYI @captain-caveman2k @vszakats

@jay jay added a commit that closed this issue Feb 13, 2016
@jay jay generate.bat: Fix comment bug by removing old comments
Remove NOTES section, it's no longer needed since we aren't setting the
errorlevel and more importantly the recently updated URL in the comments
is causing some unusual behavior that breaks the script.

Closes #649
@jay jay closed this in 464a1d0 Feb 13, 2016
mback2k commented Feb 13, 2016

Thanks @jay. @captain-caveman2k and I always wondered why vc10 fails.


@jay Sorry about this. Another, more generic solution would be to switch
to use :: as comment marker. It would resolve this issue and be more readable too.
It's supported way back into MS-DOS, so it should be safe:

jay commented Feb 13, 2016

It's not your fault, just a bug. I would argue it's a Windows bug but the way they document it you can't really be sure. I've programmed a lot of batch and I've never seen that happen before. I don't think it's necessary to change all .bat comments from rem to :: to address this issue. That note is stale anyway since we no longer set the errorlevel.

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