Curl resolver threaded fix lag #112

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m6w6 commented Aug 21, 2014

This is actually on top of PR #111

The resolver thread occasionally gets stuck in getaddrinfo() when the DNS or anything else is crappy or slow, so when a host is found in the DNS cache, leave the thread alone and let itself cleanup the mess.

m6w6 added some commits Aug 20, 2014
@m6w6 m6w6 cache lookup for async resolvers
the threaded resolver is a stubborn sheep though,
it still sits there and waits 5 seconds to complete
100 resolves
@m6w6 m6w6 fix build ifndef CURLRES_ASYNCH 610e34e
@m6w6 m6w6 Rework Curl_fetch_addr docs
The docs reflected the first implementation; updated to reflect the end result.
@m6w6 m6w6 fix the threaded resolver stuck in getaddrinfo()
don't know how well that plays on Windows, though
@m6w6 m6w6 don't forget about the gethostbyname_thread() 3a86280
bagder commented Aug 31, 2014

Thanks, merged and pushed now (as a single squashed commit)

@bagder bagder closed this Aug 31, 2014
@m6w6 m6w6 deleted the m6w6:curl_resolver_threaded_fix_lag branch Aug 31, 2014
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