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bagder commented Jan 16, 2017

All hail winbuild/

@bagder bagder VC: remove the makefile.vc6 build infra
All hail winbuild/

@bagder, thanks for your PR! By analyzing the history of the files in this pull request, we identified @yangtse, @captain-caveman2k and @gknauf to be potential reviewers.

@bagder bagder added the build label Jan 16, 2017
jay and others added some commits Jan 17, 2017
@jay @bagder jay openssl: Fix random generation
- Fix logic error in Curl_ossl_random.

Broken a few days ago in 807698d.
@bagder bagder TODO: share OpenSSL contexts
By supporting this, subsequent connects would load a lot less data from

Closes #1110
@bagder bagder parseurl: move back buffer to function scope
Regression since 1d4202a, which moved the buffer into a more narrow
scope, but the data in that buffer was used outside of that more narrow

Reported-by: Dan Fandrich
@bagder bagder usercertinmem.c: improve the short description 020e8ba
@mkauf @bagder mkauf CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO: Fix compile warnings
Fix compile warnings that appeared only when curl has been configured
with '--disable-verbose'.
@vszakats @bagder vszakats *.rc: escape non-ASCII/non-UTF-8 character for clarity
Closes #1217
@kdudka @bagder kdudka docs: non-blocking SSL handshake is now supported with NSS
Implemented since curl-7_36_0-130-g8868a22

Reported-by: Fahim Chandurwala
@mkauf @bagder mkauf KNOWN_BUGS: HTTP/2 server push enabled when no pushes can be accepted
This has been implemented with commit 9ad034e.
@bagder bagder sws: use SOCKERRNO, not errno
Reported-by: Gisle Vanem
@richykim @bagder richykim CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE: support enlarging receive buffer
Replace use of fixed macro BUFSIZE to define the size of the receive
buffer.  Reappropriate CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE to include enlarging receive
buffer size.  Upon setting, resize buffer if larger than the current
default size up to a MAX_BUFSIZE (512KB). This can benefit protocols
like SFTP.

Closes #1222
@bagder bagder added a commit that closed this pull request Jan 23, 2017
@bagder bagder VC: remove the makefile.vc6 build infra
The winbuild/ build files is now the single MSVC makefile build choice.

Closes #1215
@bagder bagder closed this in 8611d98 Jan 23, 2017
@bagder bagder deleted the remove-makefile-vc6 branch Jan 23, 2017
@peterpih peterpih pushed a commit to railsnewbie257/curl that referenced this pull request Jan 24, 2017
@bagder @railsnewbie257 bagder + railsnewbie257 VC: remove the makefile.vc6 build infra
The winbuild/ build files is now the single MSVC makefile build choice.

Closes #1215
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