mbedtls: ramdom can use havege if enabled. #1227

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p1ng0o commented Jan 25, 2017

I didn't succeed to write a "proper" CTR-DRBG random generator. So let's begin with havege 👍

Anyway, should I save mbedtls_havege_state somewhere ?


@p1ng0o, thanks for your PR! By analyzing the history of the files in this pull request, we identified @sasq64, @bagder and @jay to be potential reviewers.

@bagder bagder added the SSL/TLS label Jan 26, 2017
+ mbedtls_strerror(ret, errorbuf, sizeof(errorbuf));
+#endif /* MBEDTLS_ERROR_C */
+ failf(data, "Failed - mbedTLS: ctr_drbg_seed returned (-0x%04X) %s\n",
+ -ret, errorbuf);
bagder Jan 26, 2017 Member

shouldn't it also return an error here?

bagder commented Jan 26, 2017

should I save mbedtls_havege_state somewhere

You tell me! Should it be saved? When the 'data' pointer is provided, it could be stored in that struct.

@@ -729,6 +729,56 @@ size_t Curl_mbedtls_version(char *buffer, size_t size)
(version>>16)&0xff, (version>>8)&0xff);
+int Curl_mbedtls_random(struct Curl_easy *data, unsigned char *entropy,
+ size_t length)
bagder Jan 26, 2017 Member

I think this is better declared to return CURLcode rather than int.

p1ng0o commented Jan 27, 2017

The question was, do I privilege cpu time (struct on data), or mem (struct on cstack).
But regarding other vtls implementation of random, and for consistency, It should be better on cstack.

@p1ng0o p1ng0o mbedtls: implement CTR-DRBG and HAVEGE random generators.
bagder commented Jan 27, 2017

Yeah, this function is not used a lot nor in any high performance situation so I think that's totally fine.

@bagder bagder closed this in a90a5bc Jan 29, 2017
bagder commented Jan 29, 2017


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