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curl: display --version features sorted alphabetically #3611

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Just for now

@@ -540,6 +540,21 @@ void tool_help(void)

static int
featcomp(const void *p1, const void *p2)
/* The arguments to this function are "pointers to pointers to char", but
the comparison arguments are "pointers to char", hence the following cast
plus dereference */
return strcasecmp(* (char * const *) p1, * (char * const *) p2);
#elif defined(HAVE_STRCMPI)
return strcmpi(* (char * const *) p1, * (char * const *) p2);
return strcmp(* (char * const *) p1, * (char * const *) p2);

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danielgustafsson Feb 25, 2019


Does it make sense to always use the least common denominator in order to make the output consistent across plattforms?

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bagder Feb 25, 2019

Author Member

Maybe. I'm not sure how common the case is without a case sensitive function here.

I think sorting it case sensitively makes it look funny since the lowercase features end up last.

I first wanted to use curl_strequal for this, but it doesn't offer the correct return code so we can't use that. (and I didn't feel like refactor everything to make such a version available)

An alternative could be to always specify features with an uppercase first letter to sort of shortcut this, but then I think "Libz" looks odd...


void tool_version_info(void)
const char *const *proto;
@@ -559,15 +574,20 @@ void tool_version_info(void)
puts(""); /* newline */
if(curlinfo->features) {
char *featp[ sizeof(feats) / sizeof(feats[0]) + 1];
size_t numfeat = 0;
unsigned int i;
printf("Features: ");
for(i = 0; i < sizeof(feats)/sizeof(feats[0]); i++) {
if(curlinfo->features & feats[i].bitmask)
printf("%s ", feats[i].name);
featp[numfeat++] = (char *)feats[i].name;
printf("Metalink ");
featp[numfeat++] = (char *)"Metalink";
qsort(&featp[0], numfeat, sizeof(char *), featcomp);
for(i = 0; i< numfeat; i++)
printf(" %s", featp[i]);
puts(""); /* newline */
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