fix sasl_sspi digest authentication bugs #525

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  • fixed unicode build for digest authentication
  • fix identity memory leak in digest authentication
@captain-caveman2k captain-caveman2k self-assigned this Nov 12, 2015

Many thanks Stefan,

I'll take a further look tonight, as I've got some of my own patches to push, but both commits look pretty good from my initial review - apart from one query (see below) and a very minor code style typo with pointers ;-)

Do you think the failure check of Curl_convert_UTF8_to_tchar() should return CURL_OUT_OF_MEMORY rather than CURL_LOGIN_DENIED like we do in other calls to Curl_convert_UTF8_to_tchar() as well as memory allocs/string dups in other authentication message functions?

tvbuehler added some commits Nov 12, 2015
@tvbuehler tvbuehler sasl_sspi: fixed unicode build for digest authentication d4e31c0
@tvbuehler tvbuehler sasl_sspi: fix identity memory leak in digest authentication

I ran and it didn't complain...

The CURLE_LOGIN_DENIED was a copy&paste mistake, I changed it to CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY, which should be appropriate afaics in this situation.


Pushed as commit b6baa10. I simplified the cast around Curl_convert_UTF8_to_tchar() as we have done in other calls to this function when we have a const char pointer.


Pushed as commit 077fd8f but moved a couple of the calls to after we have freed the credentials handle - to be consistent with other code that does the same.

@tvbuehler tvbuehler deleted the tvbuehler:fix-sasl-digest branch Nov 13, 2015
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